Carole Lindstrom - author of children's literature


Why does young Metisse insist on playing her fiddle for Grandmother's birthday when everyone knows girls are supposed

to dance and leave the fiddling to the boys? It could be because Metisse feels the rhythm of tradition in more than one 


Even though the main character in the story is of Metis heritage, GIRLS DANCE, BOYS FIDDLE is more than a story about a Native American girl who wants to fiddle, only to be told repeatedly that boys fiddle. It’s the story of any child who wants to play the fiddle, she just happens to be Native American - and a girl.  It could be any of us that want to do something so badly, and even though we keep getting told we’re too small, or not smart enough, or not pretty enough, that if you try hard enough and you’re heart is in it, you can move mountains.  Or play a fiddle.