Carole Lindstrom - author of children's literature

GIRLS DANCE, BOYS FIDDLE is Carole's debut picture book. GIRLS DANCE, BOYS FIDDLE was inspired by the fiddle and its importance to the Metis culture. Her grandfather was a fiddler and could play a mean jig.

Carole is Metis/Ojibwe and is tribally enrolled with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. She was born and raised in Nebraska and currently makes her home in Maryland. 

Carole has been a voracious reader and library geek ever since she was a little girl growing up in Nebraska. On weekends you could usually find her at the library lost in the book stacks or holed up in her bedroom with a good book. It wasn't until she had her son, that she discovered her love of writing for children and began to work seriously on her writing. She is represented by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

A fun fact about Carole: the first time she saw the ocean she was 34! 

Carole is currently hard at work on a young adult novel.